What does Global Monitoring mean?

Global Monitoring is the monitoring of man-made structures or large areas such as steep slopes and mining regions regarding the detection of possible deformations/surface movements using GNSS and other sensors.

Areas of use


Monitoring of areas with:
  • active or former mining
  • Petroleum or natural gas caverns
  • subsurface erosion e.g.: salt stocks
As additional measuring technology on:
  • dams
  • scarps and embankment

For monitoring of reference station networks


Concept of Global Monitoring

  • Fully automated calculation of three-dimensional coordinates of the GNSS monitoring stations
  • Detection of significant deformations of a few millimeters using cost-efficient 1-frequency GNSS receivers
  • Visualization of three-dimensional coordinate time series with exact time stamp in the modern, web-based GLOMON portal

Cartographic representation

All stations at a glance

  • Intuitively usable status overview of all reference and monitoring stations
  • Performant map presentation integration of a Web Map Service (WMS) with the possibility to use own services or map series


Presentation of the measured data

  • Modern user interface for the visualization of three-dimensional coordinate and difference time series of all stations
  • Integration and display of additional sensor data (e.g.: meteo-sensors)
  • Tools like autoscaling or selectable reference epochs for optimal data analysis
  • Presentation of scatter diagrams for assessing horizontal shifts
  • Use of a SQL-database for performant visualization of time series of various stations even over several years

Alarming | Preservation of Evidence

Recognize threshold exceedance

  • Alarming management with individual settings of thresholds and warnings
  • Automatic notification of authorized persons via e-mail and SMS in case of alarming events
  • Stability and smallest instabilities can be proven and demonstrated
  • Configurable and regularly generated reports provide information about the status of each monitoring station and the dynamics within the monitoring area

Data safety

Protect sensitive information

  • HTTPS/SSL encrypted website to protect the sensitive data against third party access
  • Flexible user management for configuring user groups with different rights


Everything at a glance

Installation and operation

ALLSAT may be responsible for full design, for installation and for operation of the monitoring system.


GLOMON enables automatic processing of GNSS data for results with highest precision and accuracy. Our chart analysis tools allow for the detection of smallest deformations.


User information may be organized via dashboard, e-mail address or SMS, whenever pre-set limits have been reached or exceeded, as soon as data processing is finished.


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